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MYSTIC'S PATH HOME: Next Workshop is on Sunday, Feb 25

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Workshop in Person & on Zoom

Join us for a series of 5 workshops on the mystical union to your higher self 

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Sundays: Jan 14 & 28;  Feb 11 & 25; and Mar 10.  2:30-4:00PM 

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ESSENTIALS OF THE TEACHINGS: Replays - Available until mid-March

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Would you like to learn to unlock your inner power, accessing the Light of your I AM Presence, your true inner nature? You can get started with checking out our upcoming Essentials of the Teachings class.

The Ascended Master Essentials Program is an immersive seminar that will bring you powerful tools to address life’s challenges, deep insights about your own God reality, and an acceleration in higher consciousness.

The seminar includes interactive workshops, powerful messages from the ascended masters called dictations and special rituals for soul purification and wholeness.

These Essentials seminars happen at the turning of the seasons and bring an activity of Spiritual Light to help you through the next three-month cycle.

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Friday, Dec 29 to Monday, Jan 1 

It’s only $40 USD and you have until midMarch 2024 to review the  experiential packed video replays!


NEW YEARS CONFERENCE 2023: Replays - Available until mid-March

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The Main New Years Conference program includes advanced pace decree services for world transformation, ascended master dictations and lectures, plus organizational updates. This program is available for Keepers of the Flame® on lesson 13 and above.

Save the dates:

Friday, Dec 29 to Monday, Jan 1 

It’s only $40 USD and you have until midMarch 2024 to review the experiential packed video replays!


Your Inner Power


The I AM Presence
& Higher Self Unveiled

    • Beyond the Body: You are not just a physical form; you’re a blend of the
      I AM Presence, your Higher Self, and your physical body.
      Together, they create the full spectrum of your who you really are.
    • Visualize Your Divine Self: Imagine a chart (see the graphic to the right) displaying both your physical and spiritual dimensions.
    • At the top is your I AM Presence, your very own individualized divine presence, that spherical point of Light directing life energy to your heart via a crystal cord – think of it as a spiritual umbilical cord. 

The Chart of the I AM Presence

  • Meet Your Higher Self: Next, picture your Higher Self above your body as your ‘guardian angel.’
  • This cosmic intermediary steps down divine energy, connecting your human self with your God-Self. It’s the voice of your conscience, guiding you on your journey.
  • Then, of course, is your physical body and all that takes place in your life on the earthly realm.

When you understand the synergy between your I AM Presence, Higher Self and physical body, you can forge a stronger connection using the power of the sacred Spoken Word.

Ascended Masters


Guides to Enlightenment

Unlocking Higher Dimensions: Ascended masters assist individuals and humanity to free themselves from lower realms of consciousness and act in the balance of Love, Wisdom and Power.

Transcending Lower Energies: These ascended beings have risen above the gravitational pull of lower vibrations and consciousness. They’ve merged with their unique individualized God Presence, marking a permanent liberation from lower states of being.

A Personal Connection: Until we unite with our Higher Self, ascended masters eagerly await our call to intercede. Ready to personally intervene wherever needed, they serve as mentors on our spiritual journey until we too attain our liberation. 


Our Community

The Summit Lighthouse Calgary is where spiritual seekers come together to learn more of the vast body of Ascended Master teachings. We practice the giving of decrees to transmute karma and implement change in our lives.

As we invoke the Light to purify and heal ourselves and the planet, we consume personal and planetary karma, awakening new levels of joy, peace and perspective on life.

You are invited to come to our centre and check out our large selection of books, video and audio media that contain these timeless, life-transforming teachings. As you learn and your inner being confirms the truths you’ve encountered, you’ll feel enriched and uplifted at a more profound level than ever. In fact, you’ll feel like you’ve finally reached home.

During our live or online events, you’re sure to find spiritual acceleration and greater joy using the spoken word in decrees, mantras, bhajans and songs.

For your safety and comfort, we have installed a high quality NASA-developed air purifier which neutralizes virtually all viruses, bacteria and impure substances, adding a superb layer of protection for all our friends and patrons.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as possible. Please click here.

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