Awaken to the Light Within
with the Science
of the Spoken Word

The Ascended Masters and their teachings present a unique opportunity for spiritual acceleration and fulfillment through the sacred spiritual science of the Spoken Word

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  • Mantras
  • Decrees
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The Revelation

in Higher Consciousness,

Beginning with The

Ascended Master Teachers

Ascended Masters

These masters, referred to as "the saints clothed in white" (biblical), are part of what is called The Great White Brotherhood

Coming from every race and nation, and being spiritually evolved , they guide humanity on inner planes to help individuals and nations fulfill their divine plan. Having fulfilled three main requirements, they have made their ascension by: 

  • balancing 51 percent or more of their karma;
  • bringing into balance the expressions of Love, Wisdom and Power in the three-fold flame of the heart; and
  • fulfilling what they came here to do, i.e., their divine plan.

Therefore, by cosmic law they are no longer required to re-embody on earth. But they remain here to help us achieve our own spiritual and physical liberation from the cycles of birth and rebirth and to further their own liberation to become cosmic beings. However, being the greatest respecters of free will, they can only intercede when called upon and in accordance with the great cosmic law.

That is why it is so important to learn of them and their teachings, so that we too can know how to call upon them to help us to accelerate our own spirituality, increase our levels of self-mastery, and eventually integrate totally with our own higher self.

CHRIST IN YOU Is the Hope of Glory. Let us learn from these beloved Ascended Ones who are here to assist when called upon.

Our beloved Jesus is the avatar of the age of Pisces who came to fully embody his God-Presence and be an example to all mankind. As the procession of cycles turns approximately every 2,000 years, there comes now in the in the dawning of the age of Aquarius the saint who frees us from the drudgery of life with the advanced sciences of light and technology, so that we can focus more on our own spiritual growth. Introducing beloved Saint Germain, alchemist of the highest and most holy order. (see a video about him here)

“We have worlds to conquer. Let us go within and begin with the microcosm of self. For it has been well said that the only destiny of which you may be certain is that of your own soul. It is a future, then, that can be charted and known, a vision that can be seen, a goal that is attainable.”

– Saint Germain, Vol. 31, No. 50 

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The Summit Lighthouse Calgary is where we as spiritual seekers come together to learn more and practise the Ascended Masters’ teachings to uplift our hearts and implement change in our lives. We invoke the Light to purify and heal ourselves and the planet, using the Violet Light to consume personal and planetary karma, awakening a new level of joy, peace and perspective on life. 

You’re invited to come to our center and peruse the large inventory of books, video and audio media that contain these timeless and life-transforming teachings. As your inner self confirms truths that you encounter, you’ll feel spiritually enriched at a more profound level than ever.

During our live or online events using powerful tools, you’re sure to find spiritual acceleration and greater joy. These tools include decrees, mantras, bhajans and songs in live or online services, seminars and other events, including quarterly conferences.

For your safety and comfort, we have installed a high quality NASA-developed air purifier which neutralizes virtually all viruses, bacteria and impure substances, adding a superb layer of protection for all our friends and patrons.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as possible. Click here.