Ascended Master Solutions for Body,
Mind, and Soul

A Solution

Are you feeling stressed or
depressed? Or perhaps, you are
having problems with
relationships. Here’s an Ascended
Master solution — Use the Violet
Fire. Give this simple mantra every
day for 15 minutes or more.
“I AM a being of Violet Fire, I AM the
purity God Desires.”

A Solution

Want to feel physically protected?
Give this prayer daily.
“Lord Michael before, Lord Michael
behind, Lord Michael to the right,
Lord Michael to the left. Lord
Michael above, Lord Michael
below, Lord Michael, Lord Michael
wherever I go. *I AM his love
protecting here (*3x).”

Want to find spiritual support among like-minded individuals — and so much more? The Summit Lighthouse® Calgary (a.k.a. Calgary Teaching Center) is the place for spiritual seekers and mystics at heart to meet and learn about the teachings of the Ascended Masters. Here you can practice the Science of the Spoken Word (how to give spiritual mantras and decrees), bathe in the Violet Flame, and cleanse yourself of personal and planetary karma. 

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Free eBook. Looking for a solution to trauma, hurts, and pains? Try the Violet Flame. It changes negative energy into positive energy, transforms negative thoughts and feelings, erases records of the past, and more. Want to know how?

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