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Who We Are

We are members of The Summit Lighthouse Calgary, Calgary’s home for spiritual seekers and the teachings of the Ascended Masters as revealed through our teachers, Mark L. and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Mark and Elizabeth are the anointed messengers for the Ascended Masters and pioneers in modern spiritual and religious thought.

Our group, also known as the Calgary Teaching Centre, was founded in 1978 by a small group of spiritual seekers committed to the teachings of the Ascended Masters.  At 25th Avenue and 20th street in Calgary, we built our first home. By 1987, we had grown as a community due to an influx of people relocating from Europe. After several more moves, we found our present location where we operate a vibrant centre with warm and caring members who always welcome new seekers.


Calgary in the Fall

Our Calling

Our calling and purpose as a teaching centre is to assist in the liberation and education of all souls in Calgary who are seeking spiritual freedom, sensing their own innate divinity and wishing to express and develop it. If you are desiring to connect spiritually or you are searching for solutions to life’s mysteries and problem, we are your viable resource in the community of Calgary.

We are the hearts, heads, and hands on Earth of the Ascended Masters who are our elder brothers and sisters, the saints and sages of East and West who graduated from Earth’s schoolroom and have left footprints for us to follow on the way back home to God.

Sacred Adventure Books
Our spiritual centre offers book studies, meditations, and workshops on the teachings of the Ascended Masters and we offer courses in The Sacred Adventure series, a series dedicated to practical spirituality.

You may find some of our members at booths during expos or fairs for body, mind, and spirit in which we participate. Stop by and say hi. We love to chat.


Our Bookstore

At our centre, we have a bookstore (open limited hours) on a variety of Ascended Master teachings written either by our Messengers or by others in our worldwide organization. What is your favorite spiritual subject? Undoubtedly, we have a book for you.

Our Worldwide Antahkarana

Our centre is a non-profit branch of The Summit Lighthouse® which is a worldwide organization for publishing and sharing the teachings of the Ascended Masters.  

In 1958, Mark L. Prophet founded The Summit Lighthouse, under the direction of the Ascended Master El Morya. Mark became an anointed Messenger for the Ascended Masters and the Great White Brotherhood.* 

*White refers to the Light, not race.

The Messengers

In 1973, Mark ascended.  His wife and co-messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, continued the Masters’ work and propelled The Summit Lighthouse into a worldwide resource for the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. She has published over 75 books on angels, the violet flame, Ascended Masters and more. They are available worldwide in 33 languages. 

If you are ever in the Toronto area in Ontario, visit the Toronto Teaching Center, another affiliate of The Summit Lighthouse®. Click here to view their website.


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