Spiritualize Your Brain through the Crown Chakra!

A beautiful River of Life flows from the center of Divine Being, a quiet flowing fount of wisdom that is imparted from the Mind of God to the mind of man within us. Discover how to tap into this wisdom, expunge long-term unhappy memories, and establish positivity of thought to heal and nurture yourself.

Crown Chakra

UnSeeing – Part 1

“Unseeing” is not an excuse to ignore reality or to be unaware of what is going on in the world. It is a strategy that was used by Mother Mary to hold the Immaculate Concept for Jesus as he grew up. It was also a gift that Mother Mary shared with Guru Ma as she held the balance and supported the growth of her chelas. In what ways might unseeing support your growth on the spiritual path? What clues have the Ascended Masters given us on how to execute this strategy? Explore the ways and means of unseeing with us in the upcoming Zoom seminar!


Using the Tree of Life: God’s Tools for Action

A fundamental concept in Kabbalah is the belief that the world is created and sustained by ten channels of divine energy or life force called Sefirot. These Sefirot are depicted pictorially on the Tree of Life and provide a toolbox for spiritual workers to help manage daily challenges, enhance prayers and meditation, and measure the steps to your graduation from Earth’s schoolroom.

You can become an apprentice to our Compassionate Creator and learn the skills inherent to using these precious tools. In this video, you will discover how God used the Sefirot in His creation, how you can use them, and what not to do with them. Also, you will learn the fascinating sephirotic secrets of Adam and Eve!

Woman on rock at a lake

I AM the Light of the World

New Year’s Conference – Dec 29 2022 – Jan 1 2023

Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus greet us in the new year with great love and call us to increase the light in our hearts to be a beacon of light in a darkening world. We have their tremendous support in affirming that we truly are and can ever be the expanding light of the world, as we attain fusion with our Holy Christ Self. Together we may assist countless souls to also come up higher, as we continue to raise a planet through our dynamic decrees and prayers.  

Conference Announcement of I AM The Light of the World New Years Conference