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Explore exciting spiritual topics with others who have the same interests. Gain insights and expanding horizons. Deepen understanding of simple yet profound truths that can change lives. Sharing thoughts and have fun.
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A wealth of information about the ascended masters, their teachings, metaphysical concepts, and spiritual insights into historical and social issues.
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Sunday Lectures By Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Free Online Broadcasts for Sunday and Everyday Weekly, 24/7. Each lecture runs weekly and changes on Friday. Online for over ten years.

These free streaming audios are songs, lectures, decrees, and dictations by Mark Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Hear this week’s free broadcast.

The Summit Lighthouse free online broadcasts for Sunday and Everyday are lectures by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet on the ascended masters’ teachings and the spiritual path.


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ePearls are the newly published teachings of the ascended masters—the same content as the print subscription of the Pearls of Wisdom®—sent out once a month as PDFs. PDFs of the current print version of the Pearls of Wisdom Two ePearls emailed once a month Invitations to conferences and seminars. Notice of new products in multiple formats and languages.

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Deepen Your Sacred Adventure with the Teachings of the Ascended Masters

Resources by topic to interest you, no matter how long you have been on your spiritual quest.

Pathways for Families

Spiritual and educational resources for families including parenting and relationship tips and articles, spiritual lessons for children, activities for children, and links to the extended community of websites for children, teens and young adults.
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Teleconferencia Saint Germain

A virtual study group in Spanish with the mission to spread the teachings of the Ascended Masters as delivered to the messengers Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Es un grupo de estudio virtual con la misión de difundir las enseñanzas de Los Maestros Ascendidos tal como fueron entregadas a los mensajeros Mark y Elizabeth Clare Prophet.


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Online Videos and Podcast on Angels

Angels is a 13-hour video series with Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Episodes include: Introduction to Angels, Archangel Michael: Angel of Protection, Archangel Michael and the Fallen Angels, True Stories of Archangel Michael’s Protection The Mighty Seraphim, Your Guardian Angel, and Introductions to the seven archangels.

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