Harvest Conference 2022: CLASS OF THE GOLDEN CYCLE

by | Oct 6, 2022 | Conference, Essentials of the Teachings

The Summit Lighthouse®

Harvest Conference 2022

Class of the Golden Cycle

Thursday, October 6 – Sunday, October 9


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Featuring Dictations by:
Buddha of the Ruby Ray, Serapis Bey,
Saint Germain, Ernon, Rai of Suern,
Lady Masters Clara Louise, Meta and Kuan Yin
and more…


Our Harvest Conference, Class of the Golden Cycle, Thursday, October 6th through Sunday, October 9th promises to be yet another magnificent release of light from the Ascended Masters. Through our dynamic decrees and meditations, we will anchor the great light of the autumn equinox to help bring forth the divine solution to the many challenging situations we are facing today. 

We invite you to join in this special event and prepare to receive the golden cycles of the sun from your own Mighty I AM Presence, as it descends for the healing of our souls and the continuous awakening of lightbearers everywhere on the planet.

            “The Golden Cycle of the sun is a release of Light out of the very sphere of the golden light of the crown chakra.  Thus, it does come for the increase of the Power, the Wisdom and the Love of the mind. Therefore, let the Holy Trinity be also ensconced in that Mind of God in you.”

–Saint Germain, October 14, 1991

Conference Program:

If you’re new to the Teachings and want to gain an understanding of the foundations of these magnificent Teachings, please click here.

Or to see the full Harvest Conference webpage, click the links below for detailed information and registration. Feel free to contact our Member and Guest Service representatives if you have further questions.

Together, let us envision the people of earth bathed in the golden flame of illumination, waking up from the sleep of the ages and claiming their Victory!  

We look forward to greeting you in our community at the Inner Retreat, or to have your presence with us on the Internet broadcast.

Always Victory!


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