Joyous Announcement!

The Summit Lighthouse Calgary Is Pleased To Announce

The Inauguration Of Our Brand New Website!

The long-awaited dream of having such a place on the internet has become a magical place to rest your weary eyes, and find peace and enlightenment, a place that is now open and a gift to all.

Please Enjoy Exploring Our Website!


Our main effort is to present ourselves through these pages. However, there are other pages of note to inform you and offer a perspective and insight as well as Spiritual Solutions based on the Teachings of the Ascended Masters for the Spiritual Seeker.

Peruse the Spiritual Solutions to Life’s Problems!


We have a section called “Quō Vãdis?” that asks you where are you going?, as in; “We all need some spiritual inspiration and direction.” If one does not know where they are going in life, how will they get there?


Stay Connected With Us

In the EVENTS & NEWS section, we will be posting updates for you on our upcoming events just as soon as our city opens up from its COVID restrictions. Please Subscribe To Us to receive these notifications.

We Invite You to Contact Us by Email or Phone




Until our next update, vondir,*  from The Summit Lighthouse® Calgary!

*Vondir – God bless and keep and speed you on your way.


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