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Prayers and decrees go a long way. That’s probably what led you here.  But sometimes you need someone who can listen and share the wisdom garnered through years of training and service to the Light. Being no strangers to world conditions and how these can affect one’s being, a dedicated heart or minister can offer to pray with you and help guide you in your next step if needed.  Or maybe you just want to find out more about the spiritual path. We’re here for you! Connect with us.

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Are you looking for a healing solution to trauma, hurts, and pains that these and other challenging times bring? Learn about the transformative powers of the Violet Flame. When utilized correctly with the power of the spoken word, it has the power to change negative energy, thoughts and feelings into the positive, while erasing records of the past and more. To find out how, subscribe to our website and receive the free eBook, Violet Flame to Heal Body, Soul, and Mind. This little book has true stories about the healing powers of this spiritual flame. Click the button to subscribe to our website and we’ll send you a free pdf of the book.

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The Pearls of Wisdom will help you make sense of yourself, your circumstances, the world we live in and the universes beyond. They offer the ascended masters’ teachings with many keys to unlock the Treasure of Life within yourself. They provide more than words—they are a transfer of light from the heart of the Ascended Master to your own. In checking out the introductory Pearls of Wisdom, you may also join the Pearls Guild online forum where you can discuss and comment on the current published Pearls.