Quō Vādis?

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Quō vādis?

‘Quō vādis?’ is the Latin phrase meaning, “Where are you going?” or “Whither goest thou?”

Do you know where you are going?
Do you know how to get there?
Do you know why you are here on Earth?

The Ascended Masters can answer these questions for you with a wealth of valuable teachings and spiritual tools. They can help with day-to-day problems, such as overcoming stress, finding joy, achieving inner peace in your life, and provide keys for personal and spiritual transformation. Most importantly, their priceless information provides the answer to ‘Quō vādis?’

A Bridge
The guidance of the Ascended Masters also offers valuable information about such things as the violet flame, spiritual and physical healing, chakras, karma, and reincarnation, how to expand your Threefold Flame, how to attain a higher consciousness, and how to become your True Self. With the knowledge from the Ascended Masters, you can learn about soul mates and relationships, how angels and Archangels help us, and how the fallen angels among us try to thwart us.

Truly the Ascended Masters have provided us with all the tools we need to understand ourselves, others, life, and the spiritual path.

The Matter Universe

Let’s begin with a basic concept that many lightbearers may not realize: planet Earth is a crossroads of Light and darkness. Through the instruction of the Ascended Masters we come to understand the behind-the-scenes power plays of the dark ones (fallen ones), and how we can successfully navigate their treacheries and intrigues.


We come to understand that Light is not at war with darkness, nor are good and evil engaged in mortal combat. Light is unaware of its opposite. Instead as Light fills the darkness and transmutes the energy veil, it consumes on contact all that is unlike itself. That is the strategy of Light: become more Light.

As we become more Light, we are assisting cosmic hierarchies to bring in a Golden Age of enlightenment, thus ultimately thwarting the plots of the fallen evolutions on this planet.

Earth is the matter universe, the physical platform and schoolroom on which souls evolve. The word ‘matter’ comes from the Latin word ‘mater,’ and matter is the feminine aspect of God. Physicians even use the word ‘mater’ to name various parts of the body like the dura mater of the brain, the pia mater, and so on.

The matter universe is the Mother’s body, for she gave us a body made of herself. ‘Mater’ or ‘matter’ is the materialization of God, meaning that Spirit becomes ‘physical,’ and is the feminine or negative polarity of God.

Mother’ is another term used interchangeably with ‘Matter’ to describe the planes of being that set the platform for the descent of God’s Light.

The soul that descends from the plane of Spirit abides in time and space in mater during her spiritual and physical evolution. The Soul evolves to learn the mastery of God’s energies and the correct exercise of free will.

Students of the Ascended Master strive to expand the Light of their souls and to become more of the Light of God Himself. We want to achieve a higher vibration to penetrate through our human concepts, our misconceptions, and tiresome vacillations, to find an anchor point for peace, straight knowledge, and Truth. All this to help us attain more of God’s divine purpose for us. This is our purpose. This is where we are ultimately going.

The Divine Spark

Another key spiritual principle as taught by the Ascended Masters is that divinity resides within our hearts as a ‘divine spark’ of God. This divine spark manifests as a Threefold Flame that is anchored in the secret chamber of the heart. It is called Ananda-Khanda in Sanskrit or ‘the root of joy.’

The Threefold Flame is a spark of sacred fire from God’s own heart, termed as Jyoti or Parkash in Hindi, which sustains the physical life. It is your soul’s point of contact with the Supreme Source of all life.

Threefold Flame within the Heart Chakra

During past golden ages, before man departed from divine innocence, the Threefold Flame enveloped his entire physical form. Man’s source of energy was unlimited, and his divine consciousness was all-enfolding.

Later, due to the misuses of man’s free will, the Threefold Flame was reduced to one-sixteenth of an inch in height. And now, during our soul’s journey through time and space, we must re-expand our Threefold Flame to expand our divine consciousness once again.

This divine spark, our Threefold Flame, is made up of three “plumes” that embody the three primary attributes of God and correspond to the Trinity. They are:

    • The Blue Plume (on your left). It embodies God’s Power and corresponds to God as Father or Brahma.
    • The Yellow Plume (in the center). This plume personifies God’s Wisdom and corresponds to God as the Son or Vishnu.
    • The Pink Plume (on your right). It actualizes God’s Love and corresponds to God as the Holy Spirit or Shiva.

By accessing the Power, Wisdom, and Love of God anchored in your Threefold Flame, you can fulfill your reason for being. This flame supplies man’s needs for:

    • power to sustain the body (the faith and goodwill of the divine intent)
    • wisdom to nourish the mind (illumination and the right use of the knowledge of Cosmic Law)
    • love to fulfill the soul’s destiny in conscious outer manifestation (a just and merciful compassion that is always rewarded by individual creative fulfillment).

The flame within the heart is your personal focus of the sacred fire. It is your opportunity to become the fullness of your Divine Self while in embodiment.

You can work on increasing and expanding your Threefold Flame, and as the flame of illumination expands from within your consciousness, it gradually enfolds your being until God, as holy wisdom, is perfectly anchored within your heart.

However, there is a caveat. With each increase of wisdom, the power and love plumes must also be increased by your devotion; else, the newly increased wisdom will not be retained.

Likewise, with each increment of power, there must come attainment of wisdom and love in perfect balance. So, too, perfect love becomes a reality only through an equivalent manifestation of power and wisdom.

Here is a simple mantra for you to recite daily to help balance your Threefold Flame

Balance the Threefold Flame in me! (3x)
Beloved I AM!
Balance the Threefold Flame in me! (3x)
Take thy command!

Balance the Threefold Flame in me! (3x)
Magnify it each hour!
Balance the Threefold Flame in me! (3x)
Love, Wisdom, and Power!

The Ascended Masters assist us on our spiritual journey, helping us to grow spiritually and develop our Christ Consciousness. An Ascended Master once said, “If your consciousness is the size of a thimble, you can expand it to the size of a barrel, or bigger.”

Pursuing a spiritual path in which we increase and expand the Christ Consciousness is the goal. This expansion of our Light sets the pattern for us to ascend back to the heart of God as Jesus did. This is the ultimate answer to the question: ‘Quō vādis?’ 

May you pass all of your tests along the way.